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The 'Middle Years' Essential Toolkit

An 8 week course from Thursday 24th Sep with Bev Welch


Passiflora Wellbeing Dorchester



Rocket Yoga

5.30-6.30pm with Phillipa Scammell

Passiflora Wellbeing Dorchester

- 8 x 1 hour classes from Bev, in a small group setting of 5 wonderful ladies so that we can target your individual needs and focus on your group goals


- QiFlow (Yoga and Qigong) classes 

- Yoga Shred inspired classes to optimise yoga capacity, gain strength, as well as lift, tighten, define and tone

- Yin Yoga to target release of stiff joints and tendons and switch on body's relaxation response

- Self Massage techniques to aid lymphatic drainage and energy flow

- Face Yoga to create a firmer, brighter looking skin whilereducing wrinkles and sagging

- Meditation to release anxiety

- Breath work tohelp you cope wiyh hot flushes and anxiety

- Relaxation for improved sleep patterns

- Private facebook support group and recordings of practices to keep forever.


Ignite your Friday night with a rocket inspired class...


Designed by the original curator of ‘power yoga’, a mix of ashtanga primary and secondary series with a emphasis on you are where you are, you have a journey to go but without being addicted to the outcome.


You’ll move through a series of signature sun salutations, energising warrior’s, vibrant balances, spiralling twists, invigorating backbends and if you hadn’t already had enough fun inject a little more and play around with some arm balances and upside down time before flowing to the mat for a little release and recharge time.


As with all of Pip’s classes, you will be guided through various options to increase or decrease intensity. There are hand free arm balances and plenty of alternatives which offer the same actions and experience of a pose but with a little added imaginative ingredients.  


Following a similar set sequence, this rocket inspired class is perfect building confidence in a series of poses whilst allowing progression and challenge.


Whether you are completely new to yoga or a seasoned student, you will find something for you in this class.  


Important: Please bring your own yoga mat and any props you may wish to use. If you would like to buy a mat or blocks then please let Pip know.

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