About Passiflora: the vision for our space.

Passiflora is a cafe and wellness space based in Seaton, Devon opening at the end of February 2019. Consisting of plant based cafe, speciality coffee bar and social space, Passiflora will be a multifunctional area which explores all aspects of wellbeing. In the upcoming months, we will also be developing an outdoor yoga space and cocktail garden.

Passiflora will be a space which encourages users to look after their body through fitness and yoga, nourish themselves through healthy food, inspire their minds through events and workshops and offers the opportunity to meet other likeminded people. We want to create a place which could cater to every element of our customer's lives. 

We believe that having a space to escape to in the hectic proceedings of most people's lives is an important part of mental wellbeing. We want to reconnect people both with themselves and with others through the cafe.


Passiflora will be a place of community and a place to simply be.

Nourish. Grow. Inspire.

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