Cycas revoluta

Cycas revoluta


Cycas revoluta or Sago Palm. This amazing structural plant is the perfect centrepiece for the home. It is a little on the spiky side, but looks incredible in a wicker basket or well designed pot. 


This cycad is botanically closer to conifers than to palms. This species in native to Kyushu (third largest Japanese island), the Ryukyu Islands and southern China. It is a very slow-growing, symmetrical plant that produces a crown of shiny, palm-like, evergreen palmate leaves on its shaggy upright trunk.


Although it is now a modern house plant, it is actually an outdoor plant, its been around for million of years and so it's actually one of the oldest plants you can grow as a houseplant.


It thrives best in bright light, but not direct sunlight. The trunk and fleshy leaves will store some water so Sago Palms do well with fairly long spells of no watering.


Approx height: 80cm

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