Dischidia nummularia

Dischidia nummularia


We love this beautiful trailing plant, also known as 'String of Nickels'. With its perfectly formed trailing strands of succulent 'nickels', you can see why this plant has become so popular with plant lovers.


In the wild, String of Nickels finds its home amongst trees, gaining foothold in cracks and crevices, and creeps along branches to form curtains of green. It is native to Australia, China, Vieetnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. 


Prefers filtered sunlight, but direct sun can be tolerated for a short period of time. It likes to dry out a bit in between waterings, so don't go overboard, but try not to let the soil dry out completely.


Cuttings can be used to propagate new plants.


Approx length: 30cm

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