Maranta Leuconeura

Maranta Leuconeura


Height: 30cm

Pot diameter: 12cm


We love these stunning trailing plants, with beautiful leaves of dark green in the centre turning to a lighter green at the margins. The veins are an eye-catching red, running down the centre of the leaf and branching out in a herringbone pattern.


Maranta grow best in bright light, but will tolerate shade. Avoid direct sunlight. They don't like their soil to dry out, so make sure regular watering occurs, but without making the soil too soggy or waterlogged.


They originate from the Brazilian rainforest, and so humidity levels are a must. This can be achieved by misting the plants.


These plants are also known as 'prayer plants' as their leaves lie flat in the day time and then close upwards in the evenings as if in prayer.