Medinilla Dolce Vita

Medinilla Dolce Vita


Height: 50cm

Pot: 17cm


Medinilla is a small evergreen shrub native to the Philippines where it is usually found growing on trees in tropical forests. However, Medinilla has been grown for hundreds of years as an exotic houseplant, once prized in Belgium by the wealthy and noble.


Medinilla is a tropical shrub that can grow up to 4 ft. (1 m.) tall. It grows like epiphytic orchids, in the holes and crotches of trees, however instead of taking nutrients from the air, the leaves  act like a succulent and store moisture instead. In late spring to early summer, the plant is covered by drooping clusters of delicate pink flowers.


This plant needs a warm, humid environment and willl not survive below 10 degrees celcius. As a succulent, it doesn't need much water, usually once every week or two depending on whether it is summer or winter. But keep it humid by misting regularly. 


It likes bright, indirect sunlight and doesn't like cold windows or drafts.