Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa


Everyone's favourite: Monstera Deliciosa, otherwise known as Swiss Cheese Plant. A fast growing plant with big jungle style leaves. 


As the leaves mature, the splits along the side and holes in the leaves develop. This plant can also be trained up a pole and naturally climbs in the wild. The Monstera is more than just a pretty plant to look at. It can grow up to 20m in the right conditions, with incredible tendril-like roots. These have been used to make ropes or baskets in countries like Mexico and Peru.


This plant prefers to be warm, with fairly bright sunlight. Although it will tolerate slightly darker conditions, it may just grow slower than it should. Needs fairly regular watering, perhaps once every week or two. It is best to water from the base as then the plant can soak up what it needs, preventing overwatering from happening.


Approx height: 80cm

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