Pilea Peperomioides in Kokedama Plant Hanger

Pilea Peperomioides in Kokedama Plant Hanger


Pilea peperomioides - One of the most sought after houseplants in the world, its unusually round leaves and dark green colour make it the most interesting plant for most of our customers.

Sending off small baby plants from around the base, the Pilea peperomoides is the plant that keeps on giving.

This plant is an amazing addition to any plant collection and will be one of your most cherished plants as soon as you receive it.

A great way to learn the art of plant propagation, as the baby plants begin to grow you can gently tease them from the soil and try growing them on in water, soil or hydroponically.

The total length of the plant hanger is 70cm and the pot is 17cm in diameter.