Tillandsia cyanea

Tillandsia cyanea


Height: 25cm 

Pot: 8cm


There are several plants of the tillandsia family, there are the air plants which are more grey in colour, and then there is the Pink Quill that looks very vibrate with a bright pink flowering bract that resembles an old fashioned ink quill.


The Pink Quill plant is also a Bromeliad which is desirable because of the exotic and tropical looking flowering bract that it produces. Lasting up to 3 months they can really add interest to an area much longer than a bunch of flowers could.


There is no repeat flowering with many Bromeliads instead they live on either through the seeds they create (not a viable option for the average owner), or by the offsets the mature plant produces after flowering has finished. This means the Pink Quill plant is frequently treated as a temporary house guest rather than a permanent resident. 

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